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These coses were known as comparison coup de barre, or stroke of the bar, because of the intense violence of the sudden pain in the back and loins. In the severer forms of acute malarial poisoning small particles renal of pigment are formed, nnlmHnms." Violent delirium, terminating in coma, and sometinies nmvolsiona, may result from the occlusionB formed in this way.


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The diminution in the frequency of the pulse observed as a result of the adminstration of ergot is due to the direct action of the constituents ergotin is not of peripheric origin, but is the result of direct irritation This excitation of the vaso-motor centre does not lead to paralysis of tlie animal, even in when death is the final result; as is proved by the fact that excitation of a superficial nerve of sensation (sapheuus) leads to a reflex increase of blood-pressure.

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