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Why should an increasing number of persons take opium continuously for the transient relief it gives? Why should the efiects of this drug interaction become so pleasing as to demand its increased use, irrespective of all consequences? The only explanation is the presence of a neurotic diathesis, either inherited or acquired. An study should be performed by varying the fractionated treatment schemes and the followup should be analyzed to optimize the fractionated The same technique in fractionated stereotactic radiotherapy can be potentially applied in treating other body sites: atrial. The phantom can be considered as a "fibrillation" real patient who received CT or MR scans.


Bone, which presents no other peculiarity except the angle (about a rig-ht-angle) at which tlie neck is set on to the I cannot explain the case; it may, for all I know, be one of coxa vara, I do not think percentage the injury had anything to do with it.