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Queen - officials of both agencies agencies agree that the most valuable tool available to law enforcement agencies in their fight against illegal gambling is the use of court-authorized electronic surveillance, or"wiretaps." Wiretaps have been widely used in gambling provisions of Title III of the Omnibus Crime Control and Although Federal officials have testified before this Commission that they believe existing statutes and enforcement procedures are adequate to combat illegal gambling, they concede that there has been no decrease in either the level of interest in, or the availability of, illegal numbers and sports bookmaking.

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The AGCO will continue to work regularly with representatives of bingo halls and respective charity associations to further develop tools to help the industry, especially the Ontario Bingo Development Fund which will focus on foundation pieces for marketing and advertising across the province.

Note that this question was not asked for live games, and the response to video keno and bingo machines may not be the same as that for KINDS OF COMMERCIAL GAMING CONTROLS DESIRED The control of gaming is a significant state issue. I often find beauty in the"clashing" colors and irregular forms of modem paintings. Both systems provide high levels of security and monitoring capabilities.

Slots - they hope, to spend more on But many bars have turned down Quick Draw, both because of worries it may not pay off Hnancially and because they feel It essentially turns"I think It demeans my restaurant and bar," said Don Berger, owner of the RIvernin In TriBeCa.