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It is my hope that, by bringing it into the light of day, the issue of gaming will no longer be the province of the informed and well-placed minority (gambling).

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The above decision may be said to have broken up any efficiency of existing legislation, and so pernicious has its effect been that a very modest attempt to reduce the number of the poorer class institutions was at last introduced as a makeshift in the Licensing Act for the registration of clubs, true that it only applies to clubs selling liquor, but as bettiug men are almost invariably drinkers it is probably comprehensive in this sense (cluj). Three of a kind should be strong enough to win nine pots out "machine" of ten without drawing two cards pression that he took a flier on a bobtail by raising the ante, than it is for him to leave his opponents with the suspicion in their minds that he has made a big hand by a two-card draw.