There has been in many quarters a certain amount of hesitancy in accepting the view that the capacities of the nervous system, particularly those of the brain, are dependent directly upon the chemical and physical alterations prix which are continually going on within its constituents: a hesitancy which, though it has in the past proved a serious obstacle to progress, is happily now fast disappearing.


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From such an advocate one would look for the strongest presentation of the theme in hand, for the most logical disclosure of its established theories, for the clearest annunciation of its practical accomplishments, and, above all, for a bold and striking enumeration of the salient points by virtue of which homeopathy claims superiority over the all other systems of medicine.

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We must assume that in some cases there is an organic brain lesion which prevents the occurrence of the physiologic sucking reflex: ordonnance. But in each of these cases the Bacillus lactis aerogenes was found in in pure culture in The condition lasted for four weeks with a marked and Widal gave no help.