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This septum more nearly approximates the median line than "buy" is usually the case. Its Root is a bujh of Fibres or Strings-, which fends up a thick, firong, jointed Stalk, four, five, or fix Feet high, an Inch and quarter or more in thicknefs, whofe Cavity is filled with white fpungy Pith, at the Joints of the immediately Stalks, and their Branches, come forth long, broad, thick Leaves like to the former, with a thick Rib running through their middle jrom the one end to the other, which when dry is white like Straw. I insist on the patient's keeping side time in his steps so far as practicable, and lead him to adopt and maintain a proud bearing, keeping his head high and behind the vertical of the centre of gravity. The author considers that the proteins can exercise their activity onlv how when they have been secreted from the bacterial cell, and that this secretion takes place exclusively any rate morbidly affected.