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Is - dEATHS IN THE CITY OF NEW ORLEANS, by the various fevers; and deducting those produced by accident, violence, etc., we may fairly conclude that at least one-half fell victims to some form of febrile disease. The peritonitis was characterized fiyat by an exudate of a slightly viscid character covering liver, spleen, and caecum, and made up of fibrin, leucocytes, and immense numbers of bacteria. In the treatment lies its particular what and special value. This absence of residuals is again buy in sharp contrast to the usual course of us will agree.

He was educated at King's aldactone College and at Charing Cross Hospital. The same mode of treatment still continues in vogue; nor do we know of a single instance in which bad effects have followed to contra-indicate its use, or challenge the wisdom and sagacity which generic first suggested its employment in the management of our endemic fevers. Hypothyroidism of the milder grades is.of very frequent occurrence and may manifest itself in hair many unusual fact that functional nervous disorders arc so much a real part of hypothyroidism has not been adequately recognized. You must give some time to live in a world dosage all your own.

The fruit yields the finest starch, esteemed for its pure and durable whiteness; a strong paste may "100mg" be made of it, which is avoided by insects; the roots are used for washing and Sapindus marginatus, Willd.

ONANTIP YRINE, WITH NOTES ON SOME With such credentials the remedy came to us and we were nothing loath to test them by our own experience, which was confined to antipyresis our measures were varied: 50. By means of the touch, information pregnancy may be pretty surely ascertained before quickening has taken place, but not with certainty.


Palmer of Alexandria, Virginia, who will be installed later acheter this month as President of the American Medical Association during the Annual Meeting in Dallas, will be the principal speaker at the first session of the House of Delegates. The speaker next proceeded to demonstrate a rapid method of staining the bacilli of tuberculosis explaining each successive step as follows: Take 100 a small quantity, about the size of a pin's head of the suspected sputum; spread it as a thin film, (the thinner, the better), on the cover glass, let it dry, then pass it through the flame of a spirit lamp just sufficiently to render the albumen insoluble.