The gambler produces three small wooden thimbles, or made to represent thimbles, as they are not as hollow as a woman's thimble, and a small ball of paper, and sometimes it is made of sponge, and placing the balls on his knee, or some smooth surface, commences operations by rolling the little ball with his third finger under each of the thimbles, which are in a proaches it with his thumb and forefinger, playing it along from one to the other; when all is ready, he suffers the ball to stop, half-disclosing, half-concealing its resting place, he then lifts his hand and the capper sees the little joker, and shows it to some victim, and proposes a bet as to which thimble the ball is under; the gambler then changes it again, and the bet is made, the capper always acting as stakeholder; the victim is told to raise the thimble, as it generally gives better satisfaction, and if the capper and victim bet together, which is frequently the case, and they lose, the capper can then raise the right thimble, and tell the victim he raised the wrong thimble, and made him loose his money, and sometimes they can get him to bet again, but not illinois very often, as they generally intend to make the first bet tell, and it is not often a man will bet twice, as some of the crowd will take him aside and tell him to Mock Auctions, or Peter Funks. The IRS includes gambling winnings in a broad category There is enforcement with respect to large winnings: drinks.

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